Thoughts of Inspiration

The Turtle moves one step at a time but always manages to win the race;
so pace yourself, for Victory is a long road

The Lion’s appetite is never satisfied.
Still, he eats the Elephant one bite at a time.

Here is the Truth-
At one point in your life, you could Not Walk.
Now, You can Run.
Trust the Process.

The Brain Needs information every day.
We call it Food for Thought.
Now, just because you had a burger for lunch doesn’t mean you can’t have salad for dinner.

Whether you’re Happy, Sad, Sore, Sick and Tired.
Be Thankful.
Some have no feelings at all.

You Woke up Today.
Act Like It.

Life is as Simple as 1, 2, 3.
1-Believe in Yourself
2-Give 100%

Take a Nap, Read a Book, Watch a Movie, Go on a Date, Make Love, See the Sun set.
You Deserve it.
But tomorrow, Let the World Know Your Purpose

Jamaar Smiley