His Spoken Word is electrifying. Every word spoke to my spirit and lifted my soul. Truly this brilliance represents the strength and resilience of our Heritage!
— Jamila T. Davis, Author, Activist, Motivational Speaker and TV Personality

If you are reading this, then I would like to thank you. For wanting to be more. I am a firm believer in the fact that no one should suffer from complacency and mediocrity. And if given the right tools and guided down the right path, then the best version of yourself can be around the corner.

In a world that champions the easy road to living, we often forget that millions of people have walked this road before you and that is what makes it so soft. The hard road is fresh with life and awaits its first traveler.

Be Successful. Travel the globe. Share ideas. Spread Love. Make an impact on the world and more importantly on yourself. This is the Answer. This is the Future. This is your Invitation.

Welcome to…

The Smiley Experience